Who am I?

Who am I?

My name is Charlotte Bullard and I am the voice behind Teaching Treasures. My aspiration is to encourage and inspire other educators through the sharing of the treasures I have found in my teaching experience on this platform.

My Story

I often tell others that I can’t remember a time when I didn’t want to be a teacher. When I was little, playing school was my favorite game and I knew I wanted to be an educator. Being the oldest of four allowed my plenty of opportunities to practice my teaching skills. As I continued to grow up, my teachers at school influenced my reasoning for being a teacher. I started to realize that teaching was the most beautiful profession. Teachers have the opportunity to CHANGE LIVES and I knew I wanted to do just that.

After high school, I pursued my degree in teaching at the University of Central Missouri. I am so grateful for the amazing things I learned while in my studies. Through the Elementary Education program, I was able to frequently partake in practicum courses that allowed me to further my experience in the classroom. I graduated with my Bachelor’s of Science in Education in December of 2018.

Currently, I am in my first year of teaching in the KC Metro area. I teach 4th grade and love every minute of it. This first year has brought so many smiles and tears, but everything has worked out to my advantage. I am continuing my own education by pursuing my Masters in Curriculum and Instruction through Northwest Missouri State University.

With all the craziness a first year can bring, I am choosing to find treasures in the journey. In every struggle, in every success there is always a lesson learned. Through Teaching Treasures I am able to share my struggles, successes, and treasures that I am discovering each and every day.

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